"Are you sure hes right about the lego set being magical?" "Well im pretty sure he is cause we would wish anything we want"-Garrett and carlos

Finn the fox episode 12 is a upcoming episode that will focus on carlos and introducing a new enemy

plot Edit

Carlos and luke and some other teens and kids including their friends david, mariana, mason, derek, andy, carloline, mike jr, tappor, are invited to Mr "shawnbrick"'s Manson where he tours them around the place, to find a magic lego set that gives them "Anything they want" or so they thought..

Characters in this episode Edit

Finn the fox

jerry the gator

Luke the croc

carlos the dog (main focus of the episode)

sarah the lizard



mr pepper


mike jr




shala (mentioned only and seen in flashbacks)

mike (mentioned only)


rick (First appearance and Debut)

Craig (first appearance)

Garrett (First appearance)

Flint (First appearance)

mark (first appearance)

bobby (first appearance)



Shawn (first appearance)

devon (mentioned only)

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Trivia Edit

  • a new enemy will appear in this episode and becomes carlos's main enemy of the series, his personality is familiar to shala's
  • This episode introduces Rick, Craig, Christina, Mark, Flint, and garrett who are new supporting characters and also david's friends, mark is also a older brother of derek,
  • garrett seems to be the first white fox to appear in the series
  • flint was the first lemming to appear in the series
  • this is the first episode that focuses on Carlos
  • This is the First time luke later appears with one of finn's friends instead of just hanging out with finn in the episode,
  • This is the second episode where Finn is not mainly focused on with only having a small role the first being the "new" mr peppper
  • this is the first episode where sarah appears without kevin
  • This is the second time Kyle and Kinley appears since the previous episode
  • kevin, ashley and small rock doesn't appear in this episode
  • the mirror animal will not appear in this episode or be mentioned
  • Mason returns in this episode as a debut role
  • Despite the creator taking a break from making videos it is unknown when the episode will be made
  • Mason says hes turning 17 on march 30th meaning episodes 1-3 took place in late January and episodes 4-10 took place in February meaning that this episode may have taken place sometime around march since season 1 took place in the year 2015
  • Finn and jerry only appears in the begining of the episode and the ending credits of this episode