I can do this, -david's famous quote

info Edit

David is a 13 year old teenager who lives in acm city with his parents and siblings, he is good at skateboarding, and he is finns ally and friend, hes also friends with andy and finn's best friends and useally hangs with each of them in some episodes, he dislikes his father due to him being a mean bossy father over the years and wants him to change,

Appearences Edit

he first appears in episode 4 the truth about shala and he had watched finn fight shala on the tv, he becomes friends with finn starting wtih this episode, and he also fights his father and shala,

Trivia Edit

  • its unknown who david's mother is
  • david was going to just be a minor character but, guardian ninja decided to add him as another main character along wtih ashley and mike jr, and possibly sarah too
  • david used a lightsaber to fight his father (its unknown where he even got one)
  • david has great fighting skills and can easily defeat someone, however shala defeated him with the secret wand after yellow finn gave her a idea
  • he will appear again in the upcoming episode