"Hey there mates!"- finn's hello quote
"Thats why im a fox" -finn's famous quote"-

Info Edit

Finn is a fox is the main protagonist of the series and also has alot of siblings, he lives in acm city and has a young brother named andy and a dog named tappor, he also hangs with his best friends carlos, kevin, jerry, and luke, hes also friends with david and his siblings mike jr and ashley, finn also has a alive cute rock, that is like a child to him,

appearences Edit

finn currently appears in all episodes

his first appearence was in small rock gets owned aka the first finn episode

Trivia Edit

  • Finn was first made around 2016,
  • Finn is based on rocko wallaby (a nicktoons character) except he doesn't have a dog like spunky and doesn't have rocko's personalty
  • andy shares finns head until he gets updated
  • when finn yells at carlos and Jerry in the first episode he used superminecraftkid's F*** YOU AHHHH sound but the last one was cuted (also superminecraftkid is some stupid kid who screams alot. and yeah we hate him too)
  • Finn the fox had a short crossover with veggie city at the end of the first episode where veggie city junior tells him his animation sucks on which finn replys that his lip talking actually sucks, its unknown if finn and veggie city will even get a crossover.
  • Finn seems to have a big hate on shala the cute girl its possible he has been hating the show since it was first heard
  • Finn uses the adult male voice 3 from speakonia, it maybe due to guardian ninja not having anyone voicing his characters, and had to use speakonia until he gets another voice program or maybe hire some random youtuber to voice his character
  • Finn sleeps in his main shirt