"Hey there mates!"- finn's hello quote

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Finn is a fox and the main protagonist of the series and also has alot of siblings, he lives in acm city and has a young brother named andy and a dog named tappor, he also hangs with his best friends carlos, kevin, jerry, luke, and sarah hes also friends with sarah's brother david and his siblings mike jr and ashley, and david's girlfriend mariana, hes also friends with carloline and derek (andy's other friends) finn also has a alive cute rock, that is like a child to him, he also has other friends and allies such as jason the warlus, jenny the dog (jason's girlfriend), mason (david's friend), devon (mike's brother), and almost everyday he encounters crazy things such as random enemies trying to mess his day up, or getting himself into insane trouble, he also doesn't like a pepper named mr pepper who tells fun facts which makes finn nervous and angry, except mr pepper does helps out sometimes, even though hes not fully his ally, he also has a enemy named shala who he thought at first was just a cartoon character that sucked him in the tv until he found out Shala was a real person this whole time, he is against his friends other enemies as well,

Early life Edit

Finn was born around 1997 being the son of his unknown parents, He had a few siblings including jarla, his young sister, and andy his younger brother, at his young days, he met luke, jerry, kevin, and carlos, and his girlfriend carolina, they all have been friends since then, someday his sister had to go somewhere for a few months but the same thing happend with his girlfriend carolina, he continued to hang out with his friends, and take care of his brother, and dog tappor, he even found a small rock at sometime and took care of it, since it had a cute face and is like a child to him, sometime he encountered a stupid pepper named mr pepper who annoys him at often times,

Finding trouble, Edit

One day his friends carlos and jerry broke small rock, making finn upset, and angry at them, he goes up to the two in a bad mood confronting them for smashing small rock, eventually he yells at their faces making carlos poop himself, later a magic wizard eventually refixed small rock reviving him, and he apologized to carlos and jerry, only to realize that mr pepper setted it up,

A few days later mr pepper came to his house (With a wig) and annoyed him all day, Later his friend luke comes over that had the same thing happend to him the day before, and they both confronted mr pepper, attempting to destroy him, but mr pepper runs off to the store and gathered a army of annoying peppers, and started to annoy the town, finn and luke got tired of mr pepper's crap and decided to kill the peppers and capture mr pepper, back at the house finn cutted off mr pepper's wig and thrown him in the toilet only for mr pepper to get pooped on by luke, and flushed away,

Getting sucked into the Tv Edit

The next day, Finn and his friends, kevin, luke, jerry, and carlos were hanging out at his house while he was looking for family guy, he then accidently changes it to shala the cute girl (A show that he hates), and carlos questions finn what it is and finn explains to him about the show, before turning it off, but carlos then pooped on the floor making jerry angry, finn tells carlos to clean his poop up while they go upstairs to play videogames, while he was up there, carlos was suddenly hypnotized by the show, finn went back downstairs to check, and noticed carlos stareing at the tv weirdly, he suddenly sees the character looking at him and tried to hypnotize him, but he snaps out of it and finds out the show has hypnotized carlos, he goes to kevin and tells him to look at carlos, finn tells him what happend, but finn was sucked into the tv, the character welcomes him and asks if he wants to have fun with her, finn refuses and asks why she sucked him into the tv and hypnotized carlos, the character tells him that the show is what little kids love and eachtime haters such as him for example hates it, she will hypnotize the hater and make him or her so obsessed, and that he is in there to be the alive object's friends, and that he was the first person to snap out of her hypnotizeing power, and that he must join her friend's adventures, she even mentions a secret wand, finn gets confused about it and he questions that she used it to hypnotize every hater and even sucking him into the tv, he insults her about her show, and she starts getting angry, and cusses at him, finn tells her that its on a kid shows channel, shala gets mad and begins to attack him, the two battle eachother to the death, later, the secret wand appears infront of him (by mistake) and this causes the show to get canceled once he snaps it into two, it gets rid of the cute objects, and freeing the current haters hypnotized by this show (including carlos), and canceling the show and sending finn back to the real world, carlos thanks finn for saving him, finn tells him that he won't let anyone get away with hypnotizeing his friends and he doesn't want to hear another thing about shala, before jerry tells him that theres "someone" at the door, finn opens it only to find kids that are a fan of the show upset about him canceling the show, finn tells them to go home and closes the door, and continues hanging with his friends,

Having nightmares about shala and meeting david Edit

ever since he destroyed the show, finn started to have nightmares about shala, each days, he one day woke up and explained to andy about the dream he had, and he reminds andy that he doesn't want to hear about shala anymore, and wants to forget about her, later he goes to his friends who also heard him screaming, he tells them about the dream, then suddenly someone asks him if he was the fox who was inside the tv, they turn to the person that is a 13 year old human named david, luke tells him that the fox is named finn, and david introduces himself, and he is also a hater of shala the cute girl, he even wondered why she was created, but then a letter was thrown into david's face by some stupid mail boy, finn looks at the letter and reads it, the letter said that he, kevin, luke, jerry, carlos, andy, including david and his brother are invited to a tv studio for a animation class where they will learn about the founder's animations, finn is confused why they would be invited to a tv studio, david asks the same thing, they had no choice but to go to the studio anyway and get andy and mike jr,

Meeting Mike the lizard and the real shala Edit

Finn and the gang arrives to the studio, wondering how to get to the "classroom", the employe frank tells them to take a elevator and go to hall 35, and go to room 14 to enter the class room, they do show and wondered who mr lizard is, only to discover that mr lizard is mike the lizard, who is revealed to be the father of david and mike jr which makes kevin confused on why david is not a lizard, mike explains his animation life and finn questions him why he only invited finn and his friends instead of just random people, mike tells him that "they wanted them to learn about animation class and that their twitter said they never learned about animations" despite them not having twitter, mike then tells them he is going to draw a character he draws shala, and finn imagines her talking to her, finn screams and tells mike if he created shala, mike is confused on what finn said, finn angerly tells him who he just drawn, mike spits it out and tells him its a character named shala, and that he created the show, until it got canceled until realizing that he canceled it as frank told him a few days ago finn tells him that he was sucked into the tv by her and he had no idea how she would do that if she was a cartoon character, while david is angry that his dad kept the secret from him, mike explains to them that he wanted everything to be alive since it was his dream, which is why he created shala the cute girl, until everyone such as them for example started hating it, mike decides to show them a clip of shala's hypnotizing, only to show a clip from a show that his worker is attempting to make called snap out of it stars which snaps them out of it, mike turned off the tv and angerly went to frank's office and beated him up, he comes back and yells at everyone including his son for hating his show, he then goes back to his office, while david starts yelling at his dad after finding out his secret, a few mins later finn cannot believe what he just heard from mike during that time, jerry tells finn that david is nervous, so finn walks up to david and asks if hes alright, david tells him that he cannot believe his dad created the show and never told him and his siblings, and that his dad has been a mean person before then, finn tells him that stuff like this happens with some people, david tells him that mike has been an asshole for years due to the shala project, and he wants to confront him for what he has done and wants to confront him, finn decides that they can try to confront him about the things he has done, and that they can try to make things better, david agrees, and they go to the office to confront him and try to redeem his anger problems, but mike refuses to listen to david and the two fights eachother, finn watched the battle until a hooded stranger shutted off david's saber before he trys to kill mike, finn was confused on the stranger, the stranger then looks at finn and calls him a mother F***er, and even saying his name, luke asked how the stranger knew his name, and finn asked if the stranger was the one behind the plan and asked who it is, the stranger takes off her hood and revealed herself to be shala, which shocks finn, shala tells them that she was always a real person

Meeting Sarah Edit

A day later or so after shala's defeat, finn was hanging out with jerry and was talking to kevin who was upset about george punching him, when a little girl threw a ball at jerry, he watched jerry confront the girl (Who will later be revealed to be georges sister sally) until sarah comes up which kevin falls in love with, they thank her for saving them, while kevin goes to meet her, the next day finn was at his house watching tv until kevin came complaining about sarah denying him (due to george in a tomato disguise lying to him about beating up david) david then came over confused about kevin loving his older sister, kevin explains that "FRed the tomato" thinks he beated up david, but david knows kevin would never do that and they decide to go to the park to confront "Fred the tomato" and confess the truth", however "Fred" was revealed to be george the rat, finn watched as his friend fights george, eventually george was flinged by sarah, he was happy to see kevin and sarah being together, while jerry hopes he himself gets a girlfriend, therefore sarah became friends with finn,

Mr peppers problem with mr carrot Edit

a day later finn is hanging with carlos and jerry until mr pepper comes up and annoys them, finn threw him to the ground and was sick of him coming up, until a carrot named mr carrot came up and said "true facts" Finn was confused with the others, he was seen again watching mr pepper running while confused with his friends, he was later seen with all the friends that mr pepper tried to annoy only for them to get yelled at by mr pepper still angry after the stress mr carrot gave him,

Meeting jason and jenny, Edit

someday later he was sleeping until a stupid dog across from his house starting barking, finn tried to sleep more but he loses it and opens the window yelling at the dog trying to keep him quiet, however the dog continued to bark and finn gives up and goes to his friends sarah, kevin and luke and talks about the dog, they then go to the cafe to hang out, until they meet jason and jenny, they get along and they decide to go to an arcade to have fun only to realize its a place luke hates going to cause of a clown named gary, that was haunting him since he was a child, they play around the arcade, and later took a break, while they were talking, sarah looks at a picture of her childhood cause of jenny looking familiar, before they could continue talking, daran comes in and insults jason and jenny and forced finn and them to get out of the chairs, daran punches jenny and yells at her loudly and shocks everyone, jason stands infront of her confronting daran, daran continued to insult him and the others, he even triggers luke about gary the clown starting a fight, finn joined along with kevin and sarah and jason to fight daran, luke comes back after being flinged to gary's room, and throws daran right in there, daran was in big trouble, and he had to stay there for a while, finn and his friends celebrate and goes back to playing games, later before they go home jason and jenny are about to go do their things, but sarah asks jenny if she was the girl in the picture, jenny reveals that the girl in the picture was her, sarah is glad that they reunited, and jenny goes off with jason, while finn and his friends are happy to have new friends, until the dog started barking again,

Meeting mariana Edit

While hanging out with his friends carlos and jerry david introduces mariana to them before david and mariana can go date after a long while, finn was glad to meet her, later when ian attacked everyone, he was seen with the others trying to defend david, after ian was defeated they were glad david and mariana were together, he may have also friended mason during that time,

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he first appeared in the ninja.2.0 video ninja 2.0 and his friends goes to falling pieces along with jerry and carlos and mr pepper

his first appearence in the series was in small rock gets owned aka the first finn episode

Quotes Edit

"SHUT THE F*** UP!!!" -finn yelling at a dog-
"I don't understand why you always been an mean person over the years" -finn to mike
"You just remind me of someone i love and miss" -Finn to heather-
"i just want to see her again...i miss her.. so much..." -Finn about carolina-
"What is wrong with you? WHO ARE YOU!, WHO THE F*** ARE YOU you mirrored masked MONSTER?!" -finn to the mirror animal
"Thats why im a fox" -finn's famous quote"-
"I hate it when I encounter crazy s*** almost everyday"
"You sure are a f***ing evil b**** whoever created your show must have been a dumba*s" -finn to shala the character-
"why is it i always encounter random enemies?!" -Finn getting tired of getting into new enemies-
"Come on guys can't you just get over this crap already?! -Finn to jerry and carlos-
"she. She just punched me!" -finn to his friends after being punched by heather for the first time-
"i wish my girlfriend was back...." -finn
"Why..... why are you Following me?" -finn to the mirror animal
"My name is Finn" -finn to heather-
"All you care is about the show! you don't care about your children anymore!" -finn to mike
"Lets take these mother F***ers out!" -finn begining to fight seth and his gang
"well carlos. its that stupid show shala the cute girl." -finn reminding carlos-
"Can't i get a day off and enjoy my daily life already?!"

Trivia Edit

  • Finn was first made around 2016,
  • Finn is the only character that appears in all episodes
  • originally the series was gonna be a comic series, however, it turned into a youtube series,
  • finn was originally gonna have shoes,
  • Finn is based on rocko wallaby (a nicktoons character) except he doesn't have a dog like spunky and doesn't have rocko's personalty
  • andy shares finns head until he gets updated
  • when finn yells at carlos and Jerry in the first episode he used superminecraftkid's F*** YOU AHHHH sound but the last one was cuted (also superminecraftkid is some stupid kid who screams alot. and yeah we hate him too)
  • Finn the fox had a short crossover with veggie city at the end of the first episode where veggie city junior tells him his animation sucks on which finn replys that his lip talking actually sucks, its unknown if finn and veggie city will even get a crossover.
  • Finn seems to have a big hate on shala the cute girl its possible he has been hating the show since it was first heard
  • Finn uses the adult male voice 3 from speakonia, it maybe due to guardian ninja not having anyone voicing his characters, and had to use speakonia until he gets another voice program or maybe hire some random youtuber to voice his character
  • Finn sleeps in his main shirt however in episode 10 he was wearing a green tanktop
  • finn does not appear in the shala's escape mini series, except he was mentioned and was seen in flashbacks
  • his first youtube appearance was in the ninja 2.0 video "NINJA 2.0 AND FRIENDS GOES TO FALLING PEICES" *mispelled pieces" along with jerry as carlos and mr pepper which was a year before finn the fox the series begun on youtube and was the same year veggie city was no longer being made
  • In episode 10 its revealed he has a sister, named jarla who went off somewhere for a few months and a girlfriend named carolina who went to some unknown place for a while.
  • his sister is confirmed to return in episode 14
  • Finn is often haunted by his enemies such as shala and the mirror animal. during season 1
  • in the finn the fox halloween short he was wearing a costume of isaac kalder (a tribute to mve)
  • in some episodes he is not the main focus, he only had a role in the begining and ending credits of carlos and the "magic lego set"