"Do you realize how much shit i deal with almost everyday?.. My life has never been the same. it never was ever since my girlfriend and sister left somewhere and my friends and i are dealing with random assholes and insane shit almost all the time!" "well.. i understand how your suffering.. it wasen't the same for me either, cause my brother became what he is right now.. - finn and devon

Meet uncle devon! is a episode that will be worked on sometime it is the first episode to introduce devon and his son kyle and kinley

Plot Edit

The Episode starts off with finn looking at the pictures of his sister and girlfriend (after having a flashback of them during his rage at shala and mike in the previous episode) and knows they will come back soon, but then he suddenly hears the mirror animal coming out of his closet stalking him before running outside far away from finn, which shivers finn making him lock the house and windows while he goes to meet his friends,

Characters in this episode Edit










mike jr

bob the dog


david (picture and mentioned only)

ashley (picture only)

mr pepper (indirect mention only)

Finn's Dad (first mentioned)

Shala (mentioned only and seen on flashbacks)

ian (Flashback in dream only)

mike the lizard (mentioned and picture only)

the super secret wand (Flashback in dream only)


George the rat (mentioned only)

Devon (First appearance)

Kyle (first appearance)

Kinley (first appearance)

Jarla (picture only and mentioned))

carolina (picture only and mentioned)

The mirror animal

unnamed mouse

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to have the intro but updated with new music as well as adding sarah, ashley, david, mariana, derek, carloline, mike jr in the intro the diffrences is that andy is with carloline in his part and tappor is with his girlfriend ashley in a seprate part, and small rock looks left and right diffrently then the oringial 
  • this is the first appearance of devon (mike's brother) as well as his son kyle and his girlfriend kinley,
  • this episode is currently worked on but it is said that the creator will be taking breaks from making this episode
  • there is no fight scenes in this episode, neither is there no new enemy
  • this is the 2nd finn episode to have a music video in it
  • david, ashley, mariana, tappor, small rock, and mr pepper will not appear in this episode, but the fact is that david was gonna be the main character of this episode and appear on it however, it was decided not to have him in it,
  • the mirror animal makes a cameo before finn goes off to devons house stalking him in his room, finn has no clue who he is and will just continue going to devons shivering a bit
  • devon will explain about mikes past to finn
  • the mouse that appeared as cameos in past episodes make a short appearance in this episode wearing a shirt that is exactly the same as finn's
  • Finn has an nightmare about the mirror animal while sleeping at devons it contains a few flashbacks from previous episodes