"Kevin your videos were always crappy.. SARAH WILL BE MINE!" - george when he fights kevin
"What have i done?...." -george regreting the things he did to kevin and helping shala-

info Edit

George is a 17 year old rat who lives in acm city, he is a hater of kevin, and is another enemy of the series he has a young 6 year old human sister named sally, who is a brat, but not at him, his parents are unconfirmed,but his parents doesn't really punish him for anything cause they mainly don't care what he does, but they still love him and sally except when she does bad things, she always comes up to george, at younger times george was jealous of sally a bit but he later got used to her

appearences Edit

he First appears in episode 5 where he first punches kevin, and later starts to fall in love with sarah as well until he gets rejected. and come up with another plan to make sarah love him instead of kevin, by disguising himself as "Fred teh tomato" and telling sarah a lie about kevin beating up david, making her hate kevin at first, until he gets george was forced to admit that he lied about david being beated up and yelled at kevin, at that moment sarah found out george was lying to her, and that moment kevin kicked his tomato outfit and everyone was shocked, the two got into a fight but as george was about to finish off kevin he was flinged by sarah, sally then complained about him being flinged away from her, later after the credits its revealed that he landed on the same place shala was at. as he was seen again in the premere of shala's escape,

he appears again in its sequel and he meets shala and they talk about how they got there, until they met a guy named stanley, who takes them to the unknown city that is revealed to be shala's old town dawn city, which she ran away from later that day they go to mcdonalds and met shalas old friend donavan, donavan gets confused with him at first thinking he was a gay rat from a video he watched a week ago but george tells him that hes not that rat, after eating at mcdonalds they are encountered by shala's old bullys raymond and his friends, they both fight the bullys while stanley steals backpack, just before shala can knock out raymond, george stays and knocks him out instead, stanely escapes and shala was surrounded by a cloak figure coming towrds her, as soon as george arrived he thinks for a second.

Trivia Edit

  • he is the 7th enemy to be an animal first being mike the lizard, yellow finn, yellow carlos, yellow kevin, yellow jerry, yellow luke
  • its unknown who his parents are
  • He starting hating kevins videos before episode 5, it may have taken place between episodes 3 and 4 when he saw kevins newest video
  • a rat from a video donavan in the shala's escape episode dawn city watched shares his appearance except he has a pink shirt with green sleeves
  • theres a chance in episode 10 shala's revenge that george might become a good guy when finn trys to confront him about the things hes doing
  • for some reason george almost resembles a dog/wolf instead of a rat which there might be a chance that he might get a new Design in season 2