"Aww little movie maker gave me a error again!" -finn before he ragequits-
IT DID WHAT? was a short video uploaded to youtube on christmas. its non canon to the actural series itself

Plot Edit

the video begins where the camera zooms to the error while finn looks at it cutely while slowly starting to ragequit, he then yells and cusses while carlos, kevin, luke, jerry, andy, mike jr, david, and tappor were enjoying their day, until hearing finn yell and making carlos poop on the floor after that.

Trivia Edit

  • the video was oringally titled "Psycho fox ragequits over movie maker failing him" but it was changed for some reason.
  • the description oringally said "An angry fox loses his happy time when his movie maker fails to load his file" reffering to the psycho videos from mcjuggernuggets
  • the video finn was making was a recap for the animated videos guardian ninja has made this year
  • this is non canon to the actural finn series itself. cause the series basicly takes place in 2015.
  • David and mike jr are seen again in this video which means they were main characters since episode 4.
  • jerry doesn't get mad at carlos for pooping. but he stares at him doing so
  • finn has pupils while looking at the error movie maker did
  • even though the finn episodes were still being made in movie maker. this video was based on guardian ninja's anger over this error failling him
  • this was the first finn short that was ever uploaded on youtube as it was added on the random shorts playlist