"F*** you all!" -ian

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Ian is a angry 15 year old teenager that bullys david and yells at everyone Who makes fun of him, he hates being a lizard and prefers to be a human, his father is richard, and he first appeared in david has a girlfriend

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S1EP8 David has a girlfriend (First appearance)

S1EP10 Shala's revenge

S1EP14 (cameo)


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"DAVID THE MOTHER FUCKING SKATEBOARDING FAGGOT FUCK ASS CUNT!" -Ian poping up at david as a human screaming at him-
"SO YOU WERE TRYING TO REUNITE WITH YOUR SHITTY B**** W**** GIRLFRIEND?!" -Ian yelling at david after finding out he was going to meet mariana again-
"DAVID THE MOTHER F***ING F***TARD ASS F***ER WHO REUNITED WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND AND PUNCHED ME IN THE F***ING FACE CAUSING ME TO TURN BACK TO MY FORMER F***ING SELF! -ian jumpscareing and screaming at david again after hours since mariana punched him causing him to turn normal-
"Ha ha! you were always a f***a** bitch! in anyway!" -ian thinking he defeated david

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  • Its unknown how he turned into a human, he possibly brought some potion that made him a human
  • Its currently unknown why he hates being his normal self
  • He grew his hair out cause "he didn't want it to be short"
  • He and daran were seen in during their aftermaths during shala's escape episode 4 these clips takes place after the episodes they appeared in, his hair is also shorter as his dad said they are cutting his hair
  • he has microsoft mike's voice but its deeper
  • in episode 16 we will discover why he was being a prick all this time