"CARLOS! YOU POOPED ON THE FLOOR AGAIN!"- jerry when he catches carlos pooping

info Edit

jerry is a young adult alligator who lives in acm city with his cousin luke and his friends, he sometimes gets angry at carlos when he makes jokes and poops on the floor, even though hes not mean to carlos all the time, but as finns friend he helps him on some trouble he gets into,

appearances Edit

jerry appears in several episodes except the worst pepper in the world but he is mentioned on the episode when mr pepper jokes at luke

trivia Edit

  • in the first episode after finn screamed, carlos pooped on the floor, for some odd reason jerry did not get mad at him, its either he was shivering after hearing finn scream or he didn't really care at that point,
  • jerry and luke both have hairstyles that resembles their skin color
  • jerry was originally going to be a dinosaur rex, but he was changed into a alligator cause guardian ninja thinked he would look too akward as a dino