"How are ya doin finn!? -kevin to finn-

info Edit

kevin is a young adult kangaroo who lives in acm city, his hobby is making movies and he hangs out with finn alot, in the upcoming episode kevins in love, he will get a lizard girlfriend named sarah,

appearances Edit

kevin does not appear in episodes 1 and 2, he was first shown in the opening theme, and he was first mentoned in episode 2 when mr pepper annoys luke, he first appeared in episode 3, and several other episodes except episodes 8 and 9 and 12

Trivia Edit

  • kevin almost looks like rocko except hes a kangaroo and wears a short green yellowish shirt, and no shoes
  • originally the main characters were going to be just Finn, Carlos, Jerry and Luke, however guardian ninja decided to put a 5th animal main character to make finns best friends group more bigger
  • its revealed that the person who helped him film a video in episode 3 was tommy pickles it might've been used as a joke
  • kevin shares the same speakonia voice that finn has but only a bit deeper, its unknown if he will get his voice changed in a future episode
  • as of the short carlos gets pranked in the shower, it seems kevin makes pranks videos and luke is his camera man,
  • besides luke jerry and carlos having the same shirt model, kevins shirt looks a little bit shorter,''
  • unlike real kangaroos, kevin does not hop for some reason,