"CANCELED?!?!? WHAT THE F*** WHAT THE F*** WHAT THE F***! I WORKED SO HARD ON THIS MOTHA F***IN SHOW!"- mike after hearing the news about his show being canceled

info Edit

mike is a angry mad lizard who is the manager and boss of mr lizards f***in tv studio, where he created the show shala, (without knowing shala writed the character), based on him immaginging things being alive, he gets angry and furious when his workers and mostly his employe doing contracts without his permission, he hates his show's haters and was surprised that the hypotize idea worked on his haters, he likes pinwheels but gets angry when he loses them. his wife is unknown, he is the father of mike jr, david, ashley and sarah, and the older brother of devon and the uncle of kyle and devons other children, and he is one of the antagonists of the series

appearences Edit

he first appears near the end of episode 3 shala obsession where his worker tells him that his show is canceled leading him to get angry,

he appears again in the truth about shala where he helps shala get revenge on finn and his friends by inviteing them to his studio, after he fails, david and the others confront him to try to turn him into a nice man, however mike disagrees, and fights david, he was defeated and he didn't join the battle but he watched the whole fight, at the end he got beated up for not changing his mind,

he will make his next finn appearance in episode 10

Trivia Edit

  • he is based on angry grandpa, except he doesn't talk giberlish much,
  • when he was searching for the shala clip a picture of him drawing a green face (possibly like the alive cute faces) was shown, and he looked like his son except with bigger eyes and has a yellow shirt
  • when he was dancing after his dreams came true, the music get off ya feet was playing,
  • he will return in episode 10
  • even though hes returning in episode 10, he appeared again in his own short mike the lizard's employe uploads a picture on a show which was the first mike short
  • in episode 5 a lizard familiar to him was seen but he warn a red shirt its unknown if he was one of mikes other brothers or cousin, or its just someone else familiar to him

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