this is fun! -mike jr

info Edit

mike jr is a 6 year old lizard who is mike's youngest son,

and sarah, ashley, and david's younger brother, and devon's nephew, and kyle's cousin he is andy best friend who hangs wtih him and sometimes does when tappor is doing something else, he is a fan of ninjago by the looks of his shirt, he seems to also hate his father's anger issue, whenever jerry gets mad at carlos when hes around, he feels sorry for carlos getting yelled at,

appearences Edit

he never appeared in episodes 1-3 but he first appears in episode 4 the truth about shala where he is talking to andy on the phone about his father getting angry again and then he joins andy and the rest to his fathers studio and confront him.

Trivia Edit

  • mike jr became a fan of ninjago around 2014
  • he doesn't like his father being a mean person and wishes he was a nice father,
  • andy and mike jr may have met before the series started
  • mike jr was also going to be a minor character, but he became one of the main characters since he was andys best friend, he may have his own episode in the future