"ALL I WANT IS MY SHOW BACK!! I WANTED CREDIT!!" "Mike Going apeshit and fighting me won't help!" -mike and devon confronting eachother-

Finn the fox episode 14 is a upcoming episode coming in a few months or so. and its the first episode where devon and mike fights eachother

Plot Edit

Devon is planning on having a party at his house, while finn prepares to go to the store to get some Stuff for the party in the upcoming days, but he gets kidnapped by mike who is still angry after the events of shala's revenge. little did mike knew that finn was friends with his brother.

Characters in this episode Edit

Finn the fox

Carlos the dog

Jerry the gator

Kevin the kangaroo

Luke the croc

Sarah the Lizard

Andy (Cameo)

Tappor (Cameo)

small rock (Cameo)

mr pepper (cameo)


mike jr




ashley (Cameo)


Bob the dog





rick (cameo)


richard (cameo)

Ed (cameo)

jason (cameo)

jenny (Cameo)

George the rat (cameo)

ian (cameo)

Mark (cameo)

mason (Cameo)

christina (cameo)

craig (Cameo)

flint (cameo)

garrett (cameo)

Shala (mentioned only)

the mirror animal (mentioned only)

Lankana (Mentioned only)

daran (mentioned only)

Mr carrot (mentioned only)

Carolina (mentioned only)

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • this is the first time we see mike confronting finn alone its even the second time finn confronts mike
  • this is the first time heather meets mike and its also her second appearance and she has a big role in this episode
  • heather wears a ponytail during the scene where she was captured to mike
  • in this episode it will be revealed that heather also hated shala. but didn't saw finn fighting her in the tv
  • heather no longer has a kantana with her meaning the previous episode is the only one she uses it
  • In this episode mike and devon fights eachother for the first time in the series
  • mike will reveal that he has been having the idea stuck in his head for many years even since sarah was born
  • George jenny and jason, returns in this episode as cameos
  • some of the characters has no lines in this episode at all
  • Mike slightly forshadows shala's return
  • mr carrot and daran are mentioned in this episode
  • the previous episode's event along with the events of episodes 4, 10 and 11 and 12 are mentioned in this episode
  • Near the end of this Episode one of the supporting characters will have a crush on heather it will not be spoiled who it is
  • for some reason richard, ed and ian are at devons party even though ian is davids enemy