"I f***ing hate you" -mr carrot's last words-

info Edit

Mr carrot is an annoying carrot, but is way worse then mr pepper, except he tells fun and true facts, he only appears in episode 6 The "new" mr pepper, where he claims to be better then mr pepper by getting to people mr pepper wants to annoy first, and making mr pepper angry, after annoying the people mr pepper was trying to annoy he made everyone unfollowed mr pepper and followed mr carrot, which made mr pepper lose it, then noticing his spy cam on his window where he has the pictures of the people he was trying to annoy mr pepper came to mr carrot and confronted him. the two then dueled and mr carrot also revealed that he raped mr pepper's first wife causing her to kill himself which made mr pepper more mad, they continue dueling all the way to finns kitchen and mr pepper managed to cut mr carrot in half and he lands near the stove suffering and mr carrot says his last word hating mr pepper before being burned alive. afterwards mr pepper revealed everyone about mr carrot's true actions

Trivia Edit

  • this is the first enemy that was hated by another enemy, (although carlos mentons that mr pepper possibly hates shala)
  • He shares the same voice as mr pepper, but slightly lower
  • hes the first enemy to die in this series
  • His form was used in shala's revenge and he was also in finn's dream with the other enemies from the past episodes
  • he was seen as a ghost during episode 4 of shala's escape, it may have taken place after his death