"Okay YOU know what just F*** you 3!!" - sally

Info Edit

Sally is a 6 year old bratty mean girl. shes the young sister of George and she doesn't like her parents due to their rules, her mother grounds her for a month after doing something wrong and bad, and her father beats her up afterwards, she likes her brother george cause george is the only person who doesn't care what she does and sometimes she helps him out.

Trivia Edit

  • She almost resembles angelica pickles from rugrats, except she is more insultive and bossy and mean,
  • When she gets beated up by her dad its familiar to when harold beats up agk
  • for most scenes her buck teeth are shown and sometimes they are normal teeth
  • she was seen in episode 6 when mr pepper was destroying her paper of F*** mr pepper its possible that she was supporting mr carrot