"Hi there! i am shala the cute girl!" - shala

info Edit

shala is a 9 or 10 year old little girl, who is finn and his friends most hated person, as well as her haters, she was in control of mikes show based on her, she has 2 retarded parents who are apparently justin bieber fans, and she ran away and went to a secret magical land where she found the secret wands at, she is finns enemy, And she is the main protagonist of the small spin off series shala's escape

appearences Edit

she first appears (as her character) in shala obsession where she hypotizes carlos and sucks finn in and fights him, her character meets its end after finn destroyed the secret wand, along with the show,

she appears again in its sequel the truth about shala, where she gets her revenge on finn for canceling her show, after failing to get her character to change him, and hires her show's creator mike to invite them all to his studio, after mike fails she comes in and reveals her true self to all of them, she was later defeated by carlos after she revealed she made him crap on the floor, and found herself with dora the explorer

she appears in her own mini series shala's escape where she trys to find a way out of her old city dawn city with the help of george the rat

Trivia Edit

  • shala is based off of dora the explorer, exxcept she doesn't teach kids any other languages and she doesn't have any animal friend with her and only alive objects and houses, and her secret wand and backpack,
  • in the episode 3 title of shala obsession her shirt was a bit lighter and her skin was almost the same as doras and she had a pink bow on her hair,
  • shala when she was hooded resembled palpatines cloak as darth sidious, when they didn't show their faces, also when shala takes off her hood the clone wars music anakin sees his future was playing,
  • its confirmed that there will be a mini series of her trying to get back to acm city, that takes place after each episode
  • carlos mentoned that mr pepper possibly hates her, but its unknown if shala will one day encounter mr pepper
  • the only main characters shala didn't face yet is sarah, ashley, tappor and small rock,
  • in episode 5 kevins a love, a girl familiar to shala was seen thinking george was talking to the "kids" its unknown if shes related to shala, or its unknown if they are friends or foes,
  • shala has her own mini series "shala's escape" which started on youtube on january 11th 2018 on which it takes place after episode 5 and before episode 10
  • its revealed that her backpack can actually talk
  • in shala's escape episode 2 dawn city, we learn that she has a old friend named donavan who still lives there, we also encounter her past bully raymond and his friends, (also in that episode we see a flashback of her retarded parents and that girl that george encountered in episode 5, that might possibly be her sister)
  • she finally escapes dawn city in the finale of shalas escape