"I want you to obey me or else I Will fucking destroy you!" "your a monster, i won't obey to you and let you get away with all of this!"- finn confronting shala

Shala's revenge is the 10th episode of finn the fox it will focus on the return of shala and george making everything alive as well as making some people *except finn and his friends* obey them and shala, george and mike battles their enemies, and later its up to finn to face the 3 alone

Characters in this episode Edit

Finn the fox


George the rat

every alive things

Mike the lizard

Carlos the dog

Jerry the gator

Luke the croc

Kevin the kangaroo

Small rock

Mr pepper





Mike jr








jason (Cameo)

jenny (Cameo)

Mason (Cameo)

the angry toy plane (appears in dream and form only)

troy (First appearance)

ed (first appearance)

the employe


mr carrot (appears in dream and form only)

stanley (form only and flashbacks)

raymond and his friends


jarla the fox (first appearance in flashback)

Carolina the fox (First appearance in flashback)

the mirror figure (first appearance)

Plot Edit


Trivia Edit

  • this is the second time we see the full main cast *along with mariana and carloline and derek*
  • Mike the lizard Returns in this episode
  • the stone scene is a reference to the medusa bug episode from reboot
  • this is the first time small rock, mr pepper, sarah, ashley, tappor, mariana, derek, and carloline meet shala as well as them including luke and carlos meeting george the rat for the first time *despite finn, jerry, david, and small rock has saw him before* (its possible that mr pepper will be agaisnt shala)
  • lankana appears again in this episode
  • this is the first time we see ashley and sarah confront their father face to face
  • this is the first time the females fight shala
  • this is the first episode to have more then just 2 parts
  • this is the first and only time finn battles george
  • this episode takes place after the events of the finale of shala's escape
  • george gets redeemed in this episode and becomes a supporting character making him the first enemy to become a ally in this series
  • shala makes everything in the world alive as well as hypotizeing all the haters *Except finn and his main allies and mr pepper*
  • this is the first time finn confronts mike Finn will confront him again in episode 14 mike vs devon! this is the first time george will meet mike the lizard
  • This is the second episode to not feature the theme song (first being the pilot), but the opening is instead Beginning from finn's dream
  • Give up the fight plays at the begining of the episode before finn encounters his worst nightmare and waking up
  • even though the toy plane is broken and mr carrot is dead, they appear in the dream as well as being used as forms by shala while she battles finn and george
  • ian still has his long hair in the dream and even as shalas form (shala even uses his human form as well)
  • somepoint in a fight scene in this episode shala will turn herself into multible forms of some of finns friends including frank, mr carrot, daran, mike, george, lankana, ian, Raymond, stanley (From shala's escape),
  • this is one of the episodes where mr pepper is somewhat a ally of finn
  • this is the first episode that is widescreen
  • shala dies in this episode but she was later revived by a mysterious figure
  • the mysterious figure is based on the mirror figure from mcjuggernuggets
  • its revealed that finn has a sister that went off somewhere but its possible that she will return in one of these episodes
  • its also revealed that finn has a girlfriend but she went on a flight somewhere its possible she will appear near the end of this season
  • in the first trailer of this episode there was a shot of shala with the super secret wand and the alive objects getting angry at finn, however it was cut from the episode for some reason.