This article is for the character from mike's show, You may have been looking for the real shala or the show
"This show is what 1 2 3 4 5 6 year olds love!" -shala's tv character

Info and history Edit

Shala the cute girl is a character that was secretly created by the real shala, it was presumed to mike that it was a idea that one of his workers must have gave him, she was secretly controlled by shala and her secret wand. without mike knowing about it yet, The character has been hypnotizeing a few haters, she was used to test shala's main haters finn and his friends, she hypnotized carlos, and tried to do the same to finn but he snaps out of it, and when he came back to show kevin she was able to suck him in the tv (which was a big huge mistake) she tells him about why everyone must like her show and wanted him to join her friends adventure, finn refuses and insults her causing her to get upset and angry and attack finn, finn however discovered the secret wand below him and was able to snap it, after destroying the alive objects and saving carlos, the character meets its end when a text logo shows up before the character is gone forever, this does make the real shala angry as well as frank telling mike what happend,

Episode appearances Edit

Shala obession (First appearance)

The truth about shala (mentioned only)

Shala's revenge

Meet uncle devon! (flashback only)

Trivia Edit

  • For over the years mike has no idea what the character would look like but shala secretly drawn a character that looked like her and somehow placed it in his office making the show expired by her
  • the character has the same look as her real creator, despite them looking the same,
  • shala was originally gonna be a character, but it was changed to her being a real person,
  • mike seems to already known the character would hypnotize people