"i wanted everything to be alive. it was my dream.." -mike explaining about the show-

info Edit

Shala the cute girl is a "kids show" created by mike the lizard, to make his dreams comes true, it was based on shala herself, however due to alot of haters, shala decided to secretly control the show by controling her character and its secret wand, the show ran on nick jr until one day. while hypotizing carlos, finn manage to snap out of the hypotize, leaving the character no choice but to suck finn in to try to force him more, however it instead led to a fight between the shala character and finn himself, finn managed to destroy the secret wand that is revealed to kept the show on the run, leading all the haters to be unhypotized and the show being canceled. not to mention the employe telling mike about it, which of course makes him angry

Trivia Edit

  • the show is based off dora the explorer, except it does not have spanish or any other language and shala and every alive object is the only characters of that show,
  • in episode 4 the truth about shala another character *possibly from the show that was created by the secret wand* named happy kid happy appeared out of no where and was beated up by mike jr and andy its unknown if he was on this show, and its unknown if shala made his concept or mike must have,
  • the secret wand (the show one) kept the show on run, it was created by the real shala in order to stop her haters and made everything alive on the show,