finn the fox.... you are a meanie for destroying me.... mark my words.... you know it to be true - shala when finn sees her drawing

the truth about shala is the fourth episode of finn the fox and is also the first episode split in 2 parts its also the first offical appearence of andy and tappor and is the first episode david and mike jr and ashley appears in,

Characters in this episode Edit

Finn the fox

Carlos the dog

Jerry the gator

Luke the croc

Kevin the kangaroo

Andy (first appearance)

tappor (first appearance)

David (first appearane and debut)

Ashley (first appearance)

mike jr (first appearance and debut)

mike the lizard

Shala (First Appearance)

the employe

shala's character (mentioned only and seen in clip)

the secret wand

yellow finn, jerry, carlos, kevin, luke

happy kid happy (first appearance)

mr peppper

dora the explorer

plot Edit

the episode begins at finn's house during one night, there, finn is sleeping while having a bad dream. in the dream finn is walking and then meets himself. who tells himself that he is a b**** for going in the tv and canceling the show and then mr pepper appeared telling him that he hates mr pepper annoying him and tells him to go see "someone" on a table far from him, finn goes to the table and asks who the person at table is, the "person" replys and tells him who she is, and then it turns out to be shala who wants revenge, finn gasps and wakes up and then yells about having a nightmare about shala and complaining about it, the next morning andy asks him why he was screaming and finn had a nightmare on which andy guesses it was about shala that finn defeated the other night, but finn tells his young brother that he doesn't want to hear anymore about shala and wants to forget everything about her, and tappor reponds about who even made her show, the camera skips to a bathroom where the lizard (who is apparently known as mike) was taking a shower, depressed after his show shala the cute girl was canceled but then suddenly gets a call, he gets out of the shower (naked) and tells the person that he was getting ready to work, the person was some hooded stranger who asks if he was the creator of shala the cute girl, and mike reponded that he did create it but its canceled by some fox, the stranger says it was finn the fox, that she watched the whole thing herself. and needs mikes help. and mike wonders what she needs his help for and the stranger says she would tell him when he gets to the office and tells him to trust her cause she hates the show being canceled too, mike then tells the stranger that he will get his butt ready, while mike was about to go to work he notices his daughter ashley was texting to her boyfriend tappor and is about to go to to a date with him, mike tells her that he hates that dog and hates her being around that dog, ashley doesn't care what her angry insane father says, back at finns house, andy is talking to his best friend mike jr. which mike jr tells him that his dad is being a b**** for the last several of days, andy asks if he would hang out with andy today and mike jr says sure, andy hangs up and sees tappor in a tuxedo getting ready to go on a date with ashley, andy wonders why he would go on a date with some girl, tappor then hears her voice and opens the door and goes on a date with her, meanwhile at the studio mike asks the stranger why shes hooded, and the stranger reponded that she doesn't want anyone to know who she is, she then tells him the plan and invite finn and his friends and his sons, to his studio and "Teach them" animations, mike asks why he would teach them animation class, the stranger tells him to shut up and explains the entire plan, so that way the revenge would be completed but what she can know is that finn snapped from the last final shala episode mike tells her that he won't snap from this one, and wonders what would happen if he fails. the stranger tells him to turn on his saber she placed on his office and fight one of them, but if he fails she would come there and reveal herself, mike laughs and writes the invitation letter, meanwhile at a sidewalk, finn sees his friends and jerry tells him that he and the other 3 heard him screaming last night, finn tells them that he had a nightmare about the show he hates that he doesn't care about anymore kevin guessed it was about shala, and finn says yes and doesn't want to talk about her anymore and doesn't know who would make her stupid show and he was still glad he canceled it, suddenly a voice asked if finn was the fox that went in the tv, the camera snaped out and luke replys to the kid who was apparently asking finn the question, that it is finn, and wonders who he is, the kid is revealed to be called david, and he is also a shala hater, finn says "nice to meet you david" and david thanks him and he always hated shala and wonders why it was created, but before he says they might never know, a letter gets thrown at his face, carlos yells at the kid who threw the letter at him and the kid tells them that they got their letter and f*** off he then flips them off and rides off, finn looks at the letter and reads it, "you are invited to mr lizards f***ing tv studio, for a animation class where you will learn about his animations and people who are invited are finn the fox, and his litle brother andy and carlos the dog and jerry the gator and kevin the kangaroo and luke the croc and david and mike jr" he wonders why they would be invited to some tv studio and david finds it odd and wonders why they be invited to some animation class to learn about the creators animations, finn doesn't know and then tells them that they better get andy and mike jr, carlos says its gonna be boring. later at the studio the employe tells them to take the elevator and go to room 43, at the class room jerry wonders who mr lizard is, then he gets told to shut up, mr lizard introduces himself as mike the lizard and is the owner of the studio, mike jr gasps at his father, and david also gasps, and is revealed to be mikes son, and kevin is confused on why david isn't a lizard if hes mike's son, mike quiets kevin and explains about his animations that he started since he was around 13 years old and some of his animations didn't go right, finn asks mike a question on why he invited them to the animation class, mike reponds to his question, and says that he "wanted them to learn about animation class" cause their "twitter" said that they 5 never learned animations (while carlos pulls a sign up saying they don't have twitter) mike then tells them that hes going to draw a character, as he draws david gasps and finn stares at mike's drawing that resembles shala, then it immangary turns into shalas color and tells finn that hes a meanie for destroying her and mark her words. finn yells after hearing that and tells mike if he created shala, mike doesn't know what hes talking about finn then asks who the character he just drawn, mike tells him that character is named shala that is a show he created, until it was somehow canceled by finn, finn tells him that she sucked him in the tv and that hes suprised that finn kicked her ass and doesn't know why she would do that, david asks his father why he would make that stupid show, mike then explains to everyone that he wanted everything to be alive, until everyone including them hated it, and he plans to reboot it, but before he can do that, he turns them on the tv, and shows a clip from some shala episode, and shala on the recorded episode says oh no we have some haters here time to hypotize them everyone gasps, and she almost fully hypotize them, but suddenly another clip from some other show with crazy stars singing he never made came up and snaps everyone out of the hypotize and mike slowly turns the tv off and tells the class to excuse him for a moment and slowly turns at the door and barges in the asparigus employe's office, and yells at him about the star clip he added on the shala clip, the employe says it was some contract for some series he was gonna make, mike gets pissed and starts punching the employe for it, and that hes the boss of the studio and that he cant do contracts without his permission and his show of his looks stupid, the employe tells him to calm down and calls him a psycho, mike then grabs him and tells him that he aint no psycho and kicks him to the wall the employe sees mike right on his contract pooping on it, and mike comes back in the classroom angerly and yells at everyone for hating his show, and dismisses the class and goes back to his office, luke then looks at david wondering why hes angry, and david yells "F*** YOU DAD"!!! later after the dismissed class finn cannot believe that mike created shala the cute girl, kevin tells him that mike tried to use a hypotize shala clip, and was suddenly saved by some other clip and has no idea whats wrong with mike, mike jr tells them that mike has always been an mean father to mikejr and siblings, and why he would make that shala show, andy tells him that it happens to people and he really did tried to put a trap on them, jerry then tells them that david looks nervous, finn walks to confort him, david is angry about his father creating shala the cute girl and never telling him and his siblings about it and was still angry even to this day, finn understands about all the stuff his fathers doing and he has been through crap before, david tells him that his father has been a mean person for years and wants to confront him about everything hes been doing, and that he cannot take it anymore, and wonders why he would even create this show, finn reminds him that it always been his so called dream, and maybe they could confront him and try to make things better, david agrees and they both smile at eachother, at the office mike is still a little angry after the employe ruined his plan and that he was closed, but then david comes in to confront him and that he is tired of him being a mean father, around everyone and that he has to stop, mike then tells him that he cannot tell his own father what to do (while the stranger is hiding behind the office hearing it) and has already lost his show and they failed to get hypotized mike then tells them its better for them to confront eachother by killing david, david and mike both grab lightsabers, and david has no other choice but to fight his father, and they duel, david then destroys mikes lightsaber and then punches him and kicks his butt and then aims the saber at him threating to kill him, but mike tells him that he has something else coming, then all the sudden davids saber comes off, and david is confused and finn sees the unknown stranger, the stranger looks at finn and then walks to david and tell him not to kill his father, finn tells the stranger who she is the stranger looks at finn angrly and says his name, luke points at the stranger on how she knows finn's name the stranger tells him to shut up, finn tells her if shes the person who was behind the plan and why she did this whole thing, the stranger tells him that hes about to find out the shock of his life, and slowly takes off the hood revealing to be shala who is revealed to be a real person, finn screams in shock and mike is suprised that his "character" is real. david has no idea how this was possible if she was a character and then revealed to be a real person, shala replys to him that she always been a real person, and that cartoon based on her was making kids dreams come true,and revealed that she secretly controlled it cause she knew there were gonna be haters and it was going good until finn messed up her masterpeice, finn reminds her that SHE WAS THE ONE. that sucked him in the tv and destroyed everything, and since she was a real person they all tells her what makes them mad about them, and they all complain at her including david, which slowly gets shala angry and yells at them all, kevin tells her to stop this ear rape crap, and shala doesn't care abut him, and tells finn that the character version of her sucked him in the tv cause she would thought it would hypotize him until he insult the character shala, but thanks to the secret wand for showing up in the fight it doomed the whole show, finn bets the secret wand isn't real, but shala shows the real secret wand and tells finn hes an idiot, and when she said she controled the show, she used the real secret wand, and that he only destroyed the secret wand that hypotized haters and was the heart of the show, the wand says hi to jerry and wants him to be his friend, but jerry insults the secret wand and it gets angry, mike jr asks if shes gonna hypotize them but shala says that shes gonna make everything alive and then attack them, she does so by making everything alive and making mikes dream come true and dances his butt off, shala gave mike his gift and won't let finn and his friends ruin it, finn tells her that they can break the wand anyway, shala tells them that she has 5 "guests" for them and creates 5 yellow versions of finn, luke, kevin, carlos, jerry who are on shalas side, finn and the rest are confused? and the yellow finn tells them to leave shala alone, finn knows they have to go past these 5, and they fight. luke tells the yellow luke that hes gonna kick his butt, and the yellow luke would do the same thing at him and calls him a shala hating fag, luke punches him in the face for saying that, while jerry punches the yellow jerry and yellow jerry calls him a stupid a$$ gator and jerry calls him the same thing, elsewhere in the office mike jr and andy are encountered by some blue kid named kid happy kid who wants a hug, but andy disagrees and the two beats him up while mike watches, back at the main fight, yellow kevin rants on kevins movies and angers kevin and kicks him, yellow carlos makes a joke on carlos for joking, and carlos states that only he can make jokes, but yellow carlos claims that he can make better jokes then carlos himself, on which carlos punches him in the face, finn confronts his yellow version that he and his friends are just shalas puppets but yellow finn doesn't care and tells him that he will pay for canceling shalas show, while they Fight. shala wonders where david is and wants to have a fist fight, but david turns his saber on and shala then turns the secret wand into a saber and fights david while yellow finn fights finn more, shala tells yellow finn to just knock out Finn already, yellow finn tells her hes trying his best and tells her to just knock out david, which gave her a idea using the wands power to fling david to a wall knocking him out finn gasps at davids defeat and kicks yellow finn out of the way and runs to shala punching her in the face angerly and tells her that he is done with her and forces her to give him the wand which she reponds to him to try to take it from her, the two fight again (for real this time) and finn manage to kick shala and grab the secret wand which was easy, but yellow Finn punches him making him drop the secret wand which shala grabs it again, but yellow carlos has to use the bathroom but insteads poops on the floor angering the yellow jerry causing them all to defeat the yellow versions of them, shala was disapointed at finn and his friends for defeating them and has had it, just before finn and his friends can kill the 5 they were grabbed by the secret wand orb and david wakes up watching it, shala wants them to stop fighting and Then starts explaining her true life and why she existed for real, she tells them she was born in some city and her parents were justin bieber lovers and went to some magical secret land and found alot of secret wands and used the secret wand to make carlos poop and had to wait for his jokes to end but carlos stops her from talking for a minute about what she said about him pooping, she revealed that she used the secret wand to make him poop and wanted his joking act to end so she can hypotize carlos cause she knows finn and his friends were the biggest shala haters ever and she started off by hypotizeing carlos so she can test them until it led to the show being canceled by finn and she also reveals that she brought them there so they can join her, but before shala can continue talking carlos angerly replies that shes the reason he pooped and got yelled at and was the reason they are there battling her and her allies, shala tells him that is correct and that the show doesn't deserve to be canceled and keeps talking about why she hates them angering carlos and tells them to deal with it until she gets punched by carlos and then carlos magicly goes in a orb coming right to her, he manages to falcon punch shala flinging her out of the building and destroying the secret wand and everything it created including happy kid happy and the 5 yellow versions of finn luke kevin jerry and carlos, and carlos tells her to not do that to her, jerry is suprised carlos owned shala, and david continues on confronting mike with them and bashes him for not changing, later that evening tappor comes back from his date and andy asks if he had a great date, tappor tells him yes and then they go to play around, david talks with finn that carlos really did owned shala, and finn tells him its was shocking that shala was real and it was a shame that mike was still an mean person but it happens to some people and they did their best, david says nothing else stupid would come back, then suddenly mr pepper reponded that finns a idiot for flushing him in the toilet and that hes magicly back to annoy him for it, finn slowly pauses and stares at mr pepper, and finds out hes alive, and everyone stares at finns reaction, and finn gets angry again and yells at mr pepper, Ending the episode

in the credits which is possibly after mike got beated up and he asks the employe what he wants, and the employe tells him that since he pooped on his snap out of it star contract he made a new one and wants to make kids happy with stars singing all day long and that it was way better then shala the cute girl contract and asks mike if they could go with it, but mike tells him to leave after the credits we learned shala was flinged to a unknown city and encountered dora the explorer

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Trivia Edit

  • this is the first episode ashley, david and mike jr appeared in, they would eventually become secondary main characters
  • shala is revealed to be a real person in this episode, this is also the first episode where the real shala appears and not as a character
  • the snap of it star music in the background was actually the forrest battle theme from star wars return of the jedi
  • this is the first episode to have fight actions unlike the previous episode where finn fights shala it was used with paint. its unknown if the previous episode will have a extended fight scene one day
  • the episode took a while to come out cause there was a original plot that would reveal the behind the scenes of shala and where finn, kevin, carlos, luke and jerry would never appeared in and instead of being invited to the studio andy and tappor would have been invited to ashleys house instead, and ate dinner there while mike talks about his studio and gets angry at david, and david would have broken into the office and stole the documentery and watched it all with mike jr and andy, and the duel would have happend in mikes office in his house instead its unknown when the oringal plot would be released
  • carlos and shalas battle is based on an old meme called falcon punch!
  • mr pepper returns at the end of the episode
  • almost all current main characters except small rock appears in this episode
  • when finn punches shala it is the same shot from the previous episode's scene where he punched her and made her bleed a bit, however the only diffrences of that part is that the flower she was holding is not there and she was not bleeding,
  • tappor appears to be based on brian griffin
  • its revealed that shala made carlos poop and did the rest of the events of the previous episode,
  • when mike was searching for the shala clip veggie city makes a cameo, where mike states that no one gives a crap about it anymore where veggie city junior says "wait what?" also before that there was a clip of mike drawing faces on the wall
  • this episode was split in two parts due to the finn channel not being able to make longer videos then just 15 mins (speaking of that this episode would have been the longest episode if it wasen't in parts)
  • there was going to be a flashback of shala explaining how she controled the show, but it was cut
  • shala meets dora the explorer for the first time in this episode, but it turns out shala actually hates dora the explorer
  • mike could've been a nice man until he came up with the shala idea (while shala was a real person). david would later explain about his dad to mariana in episode 8
  • the ending after the credits might have been where shala's escape starts

Goofs Edit

  • Shala says that her character would have hypnotize finn when he was sucked into the tv, however in the other episodes she regrets it,
  • David explains to finn that mike was mean for years, however it was said that he has been rude since shala was canceled,